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Eco-Tiles is a mineral stone It is a premium natural mineral from the group of Quartzites and Zeolites family. Found only in specific places in Asia. It is not prone to scratching or absorbing heat easily.

Pools that user Zeolites is a natural water softeners and water filters. In ion-exchange water softeners, for example, hard water (rich in calcium and magnesium ions) is a natural filter through with rocks rich in sodium-containing zeolites. The zeolites trap the calcium and magnesium ions and release sodium ions in their place, so the water becomes softer but richer in sodium. Swimming pools that use  zeolites rock  to remove calcium and magnesium and soften water so they work more effectively,

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Green Sukabumi Stone

A natural stone in the swimming pool tiles market in the world. This stone specially used for pool area as a pool tiles. Most luxury villas in the world such as Bali, Hawaii, Phuket, Sanya, Haikou, Maldives, Rio De Janeiro and other part of the world using Green Sukabumi Stones..


Special properties that zeolites rock have.

 Ion exchange in zeolites: the zeolite "cage" (gray) traps incoming ions (red and orange) and releases others (yellow) in their place.

Green Sukabumi stone (Pedra Hijau Verde)

Green Sukabumi Stone is the one of world premium class of natural stone since its has very unique green color and this stone only can found in Indonesia.

Green Sukabumi stone

Also known as quartzite-green stone, Sukabumi green is a type of quartzite that has a distinct greenish hue. It is exactly this unique luster and shade that makes Sukabumi Green ideal for many types of water features from wall fountains to pool copings and tiles. Its hue becomes a great background for beautiful manmade waterscapes, giving it a sense of coolness and freshness..

Beautiful natural stone

If you want to build a swimming pool or garden area thatís reminiscent of a luxurious Balinese resort, look no further than green Sukabumi. Green Sukabumi natural stone has been used to create stunning tiled swimming pools for many years. Why do designers, architects, landscapers and DIYers repeatedly choose green sukabumi? Not prone to scratches or chips, this emerald colored natural stone is the ideal choice for elegant and enduring outdoor designs. .

Why choose green Sukabumi ?

Green sukabumi contains zeolite as part of its natural chemical compound. Zeolites purifies your swimming pool by absorbing heavy metals, contaminants and bad odours from the water. Good water filtration is essential to maintaining a clean and enjoyable swimming pool, and zeolite is known to be an efficient, naturally occurring cleaning machine, removing more contaminants and heavy metals than many sand or chemical filters youíd have to pay to install.

Strong water resistance

It has a very low absorption rate and strong water resistance. Because the Bali stone is so impermeable, you donít need to seal green sukabumi to ensure it lasts. This natural stone will endure for generations without too much maintenance because it has high abrasion resistance to scratches and chipping. Sukabumi stone is thermally stable, meaning it doesnít absorb too much heat on scorching summer days. It also has anti-slip properties, which minimises accidents around the pool. .


Why designers use green Sukabumi.


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