• Compañía:  Bio Tile Costa Rica
  • Materiales: Lava Stone and Sukabumi Green Stone
  • Ubicación Costa Rica
Website: https://bio-tilecr.com
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One of the biggest trends in outdoor design today is installing a decorative concrete pool deck, a colored, textured, and inviting area surrounding the pool that does more than provide a safe, slip-resistant deck for sunbathing and barbecuing.

Decorative concrete has opened the doors to creating pool decks that complement the exterior of the home and meld with the outdoor environment

Safety and Beauty

Tiles are highly recommendable as they are low-maintenance, easy to clean and resistant to all kinds of temperature. They bring elegance, resistance, durability and comfort to the poolside area. There are a variety of types including flat or smooth, uneven or enamel tiles, which are the best known kind.

Tiles lend a natural, safe and comfortable look to the poolside area.

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