• Company:  Bio Tile Costa Rica
  • Materials: Lava Stone and Sukabumi Green Stone
  • Location: Costa Rica

Website: https://bio-tilecr.com

Project details

Swimming Pools

Sukabumi Green Stone contains zeolite as part of its natural chemical compound. Zeolite purifies your swimming pool by absorbing heavy metals, contaminants and bad odours from the water. Good water filtration is essential to maintaining a clean and enjoyable swimming pool, and zeolite is known to be an efficient, naturally occurring cleaning machine, removing more contaminants and heavy metals than many sand or chemical filters you’d have to pay to install.

Why choose Green Sukabumi Stone?

It keeps your pool nice and clean, also boasts several other unique properties that make it perfect for swimming pools and other outdoor applications.

– Sukabumi stone is thermally stable.
– Very low absorption rate and strong water resistance.
– This natural stone will endure for generations without too much maintenance because it has high abrasion resistance to scratches and chipping.

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