Commitment to the environment

Developing an integrated sustainability strategy

Since the beginning of Bio-Tile CR, we have focused on becoming a company that integrates the essence of sustainability as a pillar of our business. For this reason, our sustainability commitment extends all the way from our business model to the products we have selected to offer to our clients.

Thus, we have worked on developing an integrated sustainability strategy that employs international standards and certifications. As part of our purpose, we believe in creating socioeconomic opportunities for the communities that we work in. Fundamentally, we are committed to contributing to the sustainable development of Costa Rica through quality natural products.

Our Service:

A sustainable process

Natural Materials
    • Our natural materials regulate temperature and PH levels which results in less evaporation
    • Helps save water
    • Our materials are a natural solution with a reduced ecological footprint
    • Naturally resistant materials are the ideal solution for tropical climates
Responsible Transportation
    • Our transportation provider has willingly incorporated sustainability standards to their service, including carbon-emission calculations and reduced emissions programs
    • We are currently in the process of measuring our carbon emissions per container in order to generate a local carbon compensation program
Sustainable Installation
    • All of our products are installed using a standardized process with LEED-certified products
    • We employ a proper waste management system in each of our projects
    • We recycle the collectable waste
    • Our projects are designed to be waste efficient
Community Outreach
    • As part of our purpose as a sustainable enterprise, we decided to support community projects that are working on environmental programs
    • We directly support non-profit organizations with economic contributions in order to strengthen their efforts
Asociación Conservacionista Costas Verdes
    • Coastal reforestation on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica
    • Environmental education in public schools of Costa Rica
Asociación Conservacionista Misión Tiburón
    • Marine research and conservation on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica
    • Environmental education in public schools in coastal communities of Costa Rica
Reducing our ecological footprint

Green Office Initiative

In order to reduce our ecological footprint, we decided to maximize the amount of hours that are worked from home. As a result, we only use our office when clients request so. All of our team currently works from their home, therefore we have practically eliminated the carbon footprint involved in the daily commute, the office’s energy consumption, and so on.

This initiative has helped us reduce our office’s footprint in a very significant way. Furthermore, we have also taken specific measures to improve our office’s footprint. We developed three main targets: proper waste management, water consumption reduction and energy saving initiatives.

Waste Management
    • Recycling: We have committed to effectively recycle the waste that is generated within our office. Our office building has a recycle center where we adequately dispose of the collected items.
    • Reduction: We are committed to reducing the use of single-use plastic. We do not offer reusable plastic bottles or cups to our visitors as part of this commitment.
Energy Saving Initiatives
    • We have launched an initiative to turn off all the lights and screens that are not being used at the time. The team is committed to actively search for un-used energy devices that can be turned off.
    • We have regulated our air-conditioning temperature to stay within a range of 23 – 25 degrees Celsius in order to avoid extreme temperature swings that generate higher energy consumption.
Water Consumption
  • Our faucets have diffusers installed that increase water pressure and reduce water consumption